In the first episode in our Disaster Recovery series that we will be doing this year, we are discussing planning disaster recovery for flooding.  This episode is an interview with Ginger McCleish who experienced a real world disaster recovery for flooding situation in the St. Louis, MO area in December 2015.

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Disaster Recovery for Flooding

Our disaster recovery interviews are designed to share real stories to help others relate to the why and how of doing all the things we talk about doing concerning disaster recovery and business continuity planning.  In the first interview, we discuss disaster recovery for flooding.  Our guest discusses the lessons learned from being intimately involved in a disaster recovery/business continuity plan for her husband’s business instead of the practice she manages.

About Ginger McCleish

  • Nursing and administration background
  • Medical Oncology and Hematology in St Louis
  • SOAP

The situation

  • Dec 23 – Dec 28, 2015, major rain soaked the St Louis area.
  • Dec 29 major highways were closed due to rising water and flood warnings
  • Dec 30
    • Multiple areas under water
    • Widespread electricity outage
    • Sewage treatment plants shut down
    • Some water treatment plants shut down
    • 1 major highway able to open in STL

Ginger’s husband’s office was on the second floor of an office building but that didn’t save them.  The flood filled the first floor offices and blocked their access to their second-floor offices.  After days of dealing with flood waters and sewage in the first floor of their building, it was clear their offices weren’t going to be available for work any time soon.  In fact, even today they are still in a temporary space waiting for their new space to be completed.

What transpired to make their business functional left Ginger in a unique front-row seat to exactly what has to be considered to keep a business running under these circumstances.  She has had a new appreciation for the extensive details that must be considered.

While we discuss disaster recovery for flooding in this episode, there will be additional episodes and interviews that focus on disaster recovery scenarios.  Every business should be aware of the plan for their ability to function no matter what the case may be.

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Since Ginger is in Oncology, it seemed appropriate to mention a recent important news item.  The Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team alert about the CareFusion Pyxis Supply Station System Vulnerabilities.


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