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Help Me With HIPAA
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‎Help Me With HIPAA
‎Help Me With HIPAA
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What Others Are Saying About Help Me With HIPAA

I am a mid-level IT professional and I have been listening to you on the HIPAA podcast for quite some time. Though I do not know you, I wanted to say that I am a big fan and would love to connect on linkedin. Keep those podcasts coming, they are exceptionally interesting to me.


Level 2 Technical Solutions Consultant - Proliant Server, Storage, and Power, Hewlett-Packard


I have even given the Dr. the opportunity to listen to the broadcast as a means of considering enhancing our IT coverage as we move further into the realm of online review postings, cloud-based EHR and other services and the wisdom of having a secured server even when using a cloud based EHR.  I also noticed that often times when the fine print is examined in the Terms of Use Agreement the cloud based EHR may require for the practice to have a secured backup of the patients medical records since the Cloud EHR is not responsible in the event that something happens to the records.  Therefore, we have initiated a search for a real HIPAA compliant IT company

Erien F

Office Manager, Medical Direct Care

    by Betsykruton from United States

    The Help Me With HIPAA podcast is always aligned with the current issues concerning HIPAA and compliance in today’s business world. I always learn something new and am always entertained by Donna and David! If you need to know about HIPAA and compliance you need to listen to this podcast!

  • Funny and knowledgeable
    by Cmprather from United States

    In so many of the episodes, I feel that these two understand all too well the pain of dealing with businesses these days who make up their own rules or try to circumvent existing policies when it comes to protecting data, regardless of it’s HIPAA related or not. Donna and Dave’s podcast cohesiveness makes for an awesome show every time. Would love to catch up with them at a conference - glad they are successful and are willing to share so much of their experience and knowledge. They never disappoint so give this a listen!

  • Much Enjoyed Laugh and Learn
    by Peace Maker6'7 from United States

    This is my new favorite educational podcast. I learn so much about HIPAA and Security information from these guys. I laugh and learn in my car and on trips. I can't wait for the next episode. Great job! -Mark Charlotte, NC

  • Love love love this podcast!
    by RBC Chicago Girl from United States

    The hosts are HILARIOUS. I enjoy listening to stay up to date with current events, their perspectives, and quite frankly, for some humor. Thanks for the podcast and for the chuckles that each episode provides.

  • Relevant HIPAA Info
    by Betsykruton from United States

    If you need to know about HIPAA you need to listen to this podcast! Great info for all types of providers and professionals.

  • Great Content
    by Iron Man1234 from United States

    Love the content! Very useful and relevant information!

  • Love these two!
    by wsiinfo from United States

    Just found this podcast and love the interaction between these two! Makes a dry subject more tolerable. Would love to hear deeper dives on technical topics.

  • Thank you very much!!
    by Itstu92 from United States

    A great way to keep informed on this important topic.

  • Education
    by D@payer from United States

    Donna & David do a great job of explaining HIPAA in a way that makes it easy to understand and operationalize

  • Great training tool for trainers!
    by BNNelson from United States

    I'm a compliance analyst for our local nonprofit hospital. I recently came across your podcast while looking to improve the training that I provide to our hospital employees for both orientation and refreshers. I listen to a lot of webinars, but this is the best resource that I've found so far. I've taken away so much information that I can incorporate into my own employee training. Thank you so much for putting this out there.

  • informative
    by D@payer from United States

    Podcast is informative, and the hosts make the subject enjoyable. As an Information Assurance analyst for a small payer, I’m always interested in what the healthcare community is doing to keep up with regulations. This podcast is very helpful in that area.

  • Need to know about HIPAA?
    by Jkennedy93 from United States

    HIPAA is an acronym that gives a lot of healthcare professionals the heebie-jeebies! But no worries with the Help me with HIPAA podcast. Hosts Donna Grindle and David Sims really dig into the nuances of HIPAA and privacy compliance. Who knew there was so much to know and learn?

  • Help me with Hipaa! GRRREAT!!
    by JoniAsh_2016 from United States

    Pieces of the Hipaa puzzle are coming together thanks to this podcast! I appreciate when people like you guys take time to help people like me learn and understand. Like the humor too!

  • Accurate info you can put to use -and it's free!
    by droidsnspace from United States

    If you have to know HIPAA (and who doesn't), this is a great resource. I know quite a bit about HIPAA security and I still learn something with every episode. Donna knows HIPAA inside and out and David brings his own set of skills. They are an entertaining podcasting team.

  • Best resource out there!
    by mac_0_9 from United States

    The Help Me With HIPAA podcast offers a wealth of information regarding HIPAA for anyone in the IT or healthcare industry. The format is informative, entertaining and well done. This is a very unique and free resource that helps to fill a huge void in the industry. I'm a faithful listener and recommend it without reservation.

  • Amazing resource!
    by Ophth tech trainer from United States

    A great HIPAA resource and entertaining at the same time!!

  • Nursing Student
    by tracyredd622 from United States

    Everyone should start their day with one of these podcast! Definitely the highlight of the things I have to learn, and I get to laugh, too! Love it!

  • So informative.
    by Boi03 from United States

    Packed with a ton of value. Donna and David definitely know their stuff. I recommend this podcast to anyone wanting to learn more about HIPAA.

  • Great info!
    by Edu571 from United States

    There are a lot of misconceptions about HIPAA and how to get AND maintain compliance. These guys know their stuff and present it in a fun, light-hearted way. Even if you don't have to comply with HIPAA, the information provided is of great value and represents what every business should be doing to protect their clients and their employees.

  • Great information!
    by KKG06 from United States

    I had to listen to it twice .....once in the car and a second time to take notes. Truly unique security information!

  • Excellent content!
    by enotStudio from United States

    As an IT service provider that is a BA with few Covered Entity's I have really enjoyed (imaging that, enjoying something HIPAA related) and benefited from the content shared on this podcast. While it doesn't focus on IT topics per se it is still very applicable. I have been recommending my health care clients listen to it as well. So far (7/28/15) I think my favorite episode is #10 because it gives a great overview of what you should be doing. Keep up the good work and the relavent content, particularly for those of us with "smaller" HIPAA related businesses.

  • HIPAA For IT And Providers
    by Steve @ Neotech from United States

    A great resource on HIPAA technology for both IT consultants and healthcare providers alike.

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