• IoT is already here, it isn’t something that is coming. It is here and it is the future, it will just become more prominent.
  • Expect billions of IoT objects by 2020.  [3:25]
  • Machines talking to each other with all kinds of sensors sharing information instantly.
  • Smart cars, Smart homes, etc. It is all getting smart, not just our phones.
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What kinds of things are in the IoT?

  • Cars [5:17]
  • Appliances and home gear like TV, Fridge, Light bulbs, thermostats
  • Imagine sensors in cement that will monitor for cracks or stress fractures developing in buildings and bridges. [9:41]
    • Same sensors send information like ice on a bridge to your car as it approaches.
  • Smart parking monitors where open parking can be found
  • Water quality and water level sensors in rivers, lakes, etc
  • Plant watering monitors that report the exact conditions of the soil
  • Trash bins that detect when they need to be emptied and call for pick-up in city parks
  • Roads that sense climate and traffic conditions
  • Shelves that can order their own inventory or even in your pantry or fridge
  • Sensors that detect soil moisture or snow pack to prevent disasters or warn of them
  • Smart street lights that adapt to the weather and light conditions

Imagine anything that you ever need to know anything about and add a sensor to it to report that back to you. That is the IoT.

Healthcare is ripe for these tools

  • Fitness monitors [11:11] 
  • Monitor patients at home
  • Caps that detect if you have taken your meds correctly and alerts someone if you haven’t
  • Ralph Lauren has biometrics polo shirt already [13:35]
  • Complete baby monitors for SIDS symptoms and more
  • Ingestible pill sensors powered by your stomach fluid and communicates when you took your meds and what you took [14:40]
  • Alarm buttons that works with sensors placed around the house to watch after aging family members.
  • ECG, heart rate, etc sent automatically to your doctors office daily for review

IoT and HIPAA?

[18:10] Why does all this matter under HIPAA? This stuff all talks to the Internet to get to you and your devices. Security is a key element of making this an advantage in your life instead of a problem for you. If you are already behind the curve you are not going to catch up a little at a time, you will just get further behind.