For our 100th episode, we wanted to do a Top 10 list.  After some thought, we landed on the Top 10 HIPAA Lessons we hope you get from our little podcast. There is also a chance to with $100 in here too!

Top 10 HIPAA LessonsIt is hard to believe that we are publishing our 100th episodes of Help Me With HIPAA!  Two years ago we started out with this little idea that has become a really exciting venture for both of us.  We truly enjoy the responses and interaction with our listeners.  Well, first, we are thrilled to HAVE listeners.  But more importantly, we love hearing how much people learn and laugh at the same time.  That combination has been our show objective since the very beginning.

Another big thing we are doing with this episode is a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card if you help share and promote us with your social networks.  Listen in or go to the website for more details on how to win!

A 5 star review is all we ask from our listeners. Really.
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In this episode:

HIPAA Boot Camp [1:50]

Speaking Events [5:40]

Top 10 HIPAA Lessons [7:15]

How to win a $100 Amazon gift card [41:10]

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Top 10 HIPAA Lessons

In the spirit of David Letterman, we will be doing our top 10 HIPAA lessons as a countdown from number 10 to number 1. [7:15]

10 – Basic Cyber Hygiene [8:58]

9 – Documentation [11:15]

8 – Encryption – how and why to use it  [13:10]

7 – News and guidance  [15:46]

6 – Business Associates Management  [19:09]

5 – Professional HIPAA IT Support  [22:21]

4 – Training – never enough training  [26:27]

3 – Risk Management plan that is regularly reviewed and updated  [30:21]

2 – Risk Analysis – what is one and how often do you do them  [32:06]

1 – It’s about patient care  [37:15]

Ways to win $100

Ways to get an entry in the $100 Amazon card drawing  [41:10]

  • Get 1 entry in the drawing:
    • Review/Recommend us online and send a screenshot to us
      • iTunes, Stitcher, our LinkedIn (1 entry per site)
    • Send in a question via email, social media, Speakpipe, etc
    • Do a shout out to us on social media twitter, FB, LinkedIn whatever using our profile @HelpMeWithHIPAA
  • Get 2 entries in the drawing when you:
    • Complete our listener survey and add in the notes – Give me $100!  You must include your email in the notes too.
    • Send an email that we joked about sending at the end of one of our episodes about David – this is a trivia question to get extra entries for our regular listeners
  • Get 3 entries in the drawing when you:

So that is our Top 10 HIPAA lessons we hope that you learn from our podcast.  We know those are only topics but if we keep bringing them up over and over again those Top 10 HIPAA lessons may just become the top 10 HIPAA things you can use from our podcast too.   We appreciate all the support we have received and have plans for a lot more episodes.  As always, send in your questions and ideas!

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