how do we reboot our businessWe are all doing our best to focus on what we can do during this national crisis.  It is certain that we will bounce back at some point and be able to get back to business.  When we do this national reboot, what kinds of things will we need to do? Spend time now planning for the coming business reboot.


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How do we reboot our business? – Ep 248

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How do we reboot our business?

We have no clue where things will be when this episode comes out.  We do know that at some point we will need to reboot our businesses, all of them.  Today we are both trying to sort that out and decided to just record the discussion with very few notes for the blog.  Sorry, if you prefer to read you don’t get too much on this round but if you listen to the episode we have a pretty lively conversation about it.

Here are some of the things we are thinking about for our requirements.  Hopefully, they will be helpful for us and your business in the near future.  Granted, these are random things we are discussing relating to privacy and security.  We do not have a clue about legal and financial matters that lawyers and accountants will have to address.

  • Do you change the way you consider risk levels on your SRA?
  • Updates IRP based on what we learned – have the meeting and write it down while it is fresh
    • Work from home (WFH), telecommuting, telework, remote work do you keep doing it – how did it work
      • How was productivity working from home – keeping in mind the ciris did distract
      • How was your bandwidth
    • Security issues
    • Cloud services vs accessing on premise tools
    • Communications tools – email vs chat vs Slack vs Teams, etc
    • Termination checklists for those who were let go during the crisis?
    • Onboarding checklists updated for those you hire after the crisis?
  • What work will need to be done to reassemble the office tech once everyone is back up and running at their desk
    • Schools opening after you need to open your business
    • Social distancing on return?
    • Using secure apps again?
    • All devices get their updates?

It will probably require even more thought before we can actually implement these business reboots.  But, there is certainly hope that we will be rebooting sooner rather than later.  Hang in there everyone.  We are all in this together like we never have been before.

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